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Searching the Ether

kittens make the world a happy place

24 July 1973
aikido, animal farm, animals, anime, anne mccaffrey, army of darkness, art, arthurian legends, artificial intelligence, ascii art, b-movies, bad spelling, black lodge video, books, cartoons, cats, cheese, chez geek, coding, comic books, comics, computer games, computers, cons, conventions, cracking, d&d, david drake, david weber, dice, dogs, douglas adams, dr. who, dragons, duct tape, dungeons and dragons, dvds, elves, eric flint, evil genuises, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy novels, filk, film, films, first-contact novels, freaking, free stuff, furry, gaming, geek culture, geeking, geeks, h.p. lovecraft, hacking, hardware, harry turtledove, hellboy, help desk, honor harrington, independant films, indie movies, intelligence, intuition, invader zim, irony, isaac asimov, j.r.r. tolkien, judo, kevin smith's films, larry niven, legend of zelda, linux, literature, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, mad scientists, martial arts, mechs, medieval weaponry, mercedes lackey, michael stackpole, midsouthcon, military scifi, mind, monty python, movies, music, mythology, nerd glasses, nerds, nerf, ninja high school, nintendo, novels, old movies, p2p filesharing, people, pirates, programming, reading, reading books, red dwarf, robert heinlein, robots, rocky horror picture show, rpgs, sca, sci-fi, science fiction, science fiction fandom, scooby doo, sf conventions, sf fandom, sharp pointy things, shiny things, software, star wars, stencil art, stencils, stuff, swimming, swords, tea, tech support, technical support, technology, terry pratchett, the dark crystal, the princess bride, things, thinking, tim burton, tolkien, unicorns, used bookstores, video game remixes, video games, videonow, wit, wizards